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June 20, 2019

Most kids want to have a fun day under the heat of the summer sun. Before they go outside, it is important for parents to make sure that they are protected against present conditions such as the ultraviolet rays. So, you should slather up your kids with sun screen and let them wear sunglasses to protect they eyes. Here are important facts about kids sunglasses that you should consider.

1. If your kid is under the age of ten, they are at risk for skin and eye damage from ultraviolet rays. The skin on their eyelids is more vulnerable compared to the adults. Thus, you should consider sunglasses that will protect their eyes. The lens you should choose is clear in order to allow greater solar penetration as well as ultraviolet-induced ocular changes.

2. Retinal exposure to UV light can cause cataract and macular degeneration. UV light damage develops overtime, so the sooner you start protecting your kids’ eyes from the sun, the lower risk they will have on developing future eye problems.

3. In choosing kids sunglasses, choose the ones that protect the skin and eye of your children. Children more than six months should wear sunglasses when outside. Optometrists recommend sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays to receive full UVR protection. Kids should also wear large wraparound styles to cover more skin. In addition, children should wear playground resistant lenses or shatterproof sunglasses as they may fall, trip or bounce off objects.

4. Another factor to consider in choosing kids sunglasses is the activity level of the child. Impact-resistant lenses are usually marked as shatterproof. If you want to be safer, let them use polymer or plastic lenses. The frames should also be bendable but not breakable.

5. Parents should teach their children about the importance of wearing sunglasses outside the house. Wearing sunglasses is just as important as teaching children how to wear a seatbelt or how to brush their teeth. It helps them develop good habits.

If you are looking for kids sunglasses, you can find them online or in stores. Children often break just about anything, making sunglasses an easy target. Thus, it is important for you to find a retailer that specializes in sunglasses for kids and offers a replacement guarantee.

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