'90s Sunglasses are Back

June 20, 2019

Every trend from the ’90s has made a triumph come back over the last years. But if you thought the resurgence of ’90s trends was over, think again. ’90s sunglasses are back. Not just the super small ’90s-inspired sunglasses. Colored lenses, heart shaped and thick frames sunglasses popularized by Kurt Cobain from Nirvana, are also making the headlines and heading the cat walk.

’90s sunglasses are, finally, black. And we all knew this was mean to happen sooner or later. Fashion never settles, it’s like a wanderer, always on the move. This happens with new trends, but also with the comebacks. And for the last few years, several ’90s fashion trends made successful comebacks, so it was only a matter of time for ’90s sunglasses to reappear in the fashion scene.

Retro ’90s sunglasses come in stylish frames for both men and women. Grunge-styled glasses that mimic Kurt Cobain’s famous shades and brighter designs are becoming more popular now, than ever.

However, if you are looking for a pair of these throwback essentials you should be aware that some of the ’90s sunglasses styles may not offer the ideal protection that you should always look for in sunglasses.

In fact, the tiny designs are less-than-ideal when it comes to providing the 99 to 100 percent block of UV light recommended by doctors.

Nevertheless, ’90s sunglasses are a nice revival and will make great accessories to compliment your wardrobe this summer.

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