50 Shades of Cool: Why Wearing Sunglasses is Good for You (Part 2)

June 20, 2019

Sunglasses are good for your well being. They not only upgrade your style but also make you feel more comfortable outdoors.

In part 2 of our 50 Shades of Cool list of the benefits of wearing sunglasses, we look on how sunglasses protect from UV rays, exhaustion, brightness and… err aliens!

Wearing shades help you prevent eye problems such as macular degeneration

(continued from Part 1)

  1. Shades help reduce the cumulative effect of UV rays, which can cause cataracts. Read more about UV rays here.
  2. Sunglasses help you see better if it’s too bright.
  3. Shades also help prevent symptoms of exhaustion after being outside for long hours.
  4. Sunglasses are not only good for your eyes, but easy to buy. Today, you can buy sunglasses at the touch of a click, as most sunglasses companies sell them online.
  5. Shades compliment your personality and enhance the way you look, no matter what age you are.
  6. We tend to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun, but also as a fashion statement or an homage to our icons. And we’re not even talking about Elvis impersonators.

    matrix poster
    Poster for the blockbuster flick The Matrix. Sunglasses are a constant item throughout the whole film.
  7. Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun, helped popularize Ray-Ban Aviators. Today, Aviator Sunglasses are still stylish and a definitive best-seller. They bring out masculinity and boldness in men and are very popular among women.
  8. And who said New York – or for that matter, urban – intellectuals couldn’t be stylish? Woody Allen’s character Annie Hall (shot in one of the most memorable scenes of Allen’s masterpiece¬†wearing seventies women sunglasses) gave way to generations of urban-intellectual yet always fashion-conscious women.
  9. Reservoir Dogs. Tarantino’s cult classic starring Harvey Keitel as Mr. White, helped perpetuate the bad-guy-in-sunglasses mythology. Well, at least on the big screen.
  10. Have you seen the cult b-movie They Live? Apparently sunglasses help you see the alien side of others.
  11. By the way, you can’t escape The Matrix, or even work for The Matrix without a nice pair of shades.

To be continued. If you’ve missed part one of our 50 Shades of Cool list, please click here.

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