5 Tips: How to tell if you are buying authentic brand sunglasses

June 20, 2019

Online shopping is great for all sorts of reasons: it saves time, money and helps you browse through different products, brands and designs at a simple click. But when you buy brand sunglasses online, can you tell if they are genuine?

If you are buying from a trusted supplier, chances are products will be genuine. But what if you decide to buy from ebay, Amazon or a new website adevrtising designer sunglasses? Can you tell if you are getting the real deal? Here are a few tips that may help you minimize the chances of purchasing faux sunglasses.

1) Official brand sellers will advertise authenticity in the product title or description, otherwise they’ll use words like “inspired “, “style” or “type”;

2) Check the product photos and make sure the packaging looks genuine and is labelled. Also check if the package or box fits that particular sunglasses model;

3) When it comes to buying brand sunglasses online, deals too good to be true are probably that: too good to be true;

4) Don’t stick to stickers: some people use stickers with the designer logo to make sunglasses appear genuine;

5) In case of doubt, get in touch with the website/supplier. Official vendors of brand sunglasses will not avoid providing proof of authenticity.

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