5 Most Memorable Sunglasses on Film

June 20, 2019

Can sunglasses help you escape the matrix? Are aliens afraid of sunglasses? Here’s a list of our 5 most memorable sunglasses on film.

We’ve gathered our team here at Euro Optics UK Ltd and voted the most memorable sunglasses on film. Here’s our top 5:

Gangsters like wayfarers. Aliens, not so much.

In John Carpenter’s cult b-movie They Live, drifter John Nada discovers sunglasses have unique properties allowing him to spot subliminal messages in media and advertising and humanoid aliens with skull-like faces who rule the world.

If in John Carpenter’s film, sunglasses were sported by the good guys, Tarantino’s cult classic Reservoir Dog, starring Harvey Keitel, helped perpetuate the bad-guy-in-sunglasses mythology.

In both movies, wayfarers were the style of choice.

Escape the Matrix

In the science fiction series The Matrix, written and directed by The Wachowskis, both good guys and bad guys don sunglasses. Staple to the film’s aesthetics, they were commissioned from sunglass maker Blinde Design.

Top Gun: I feel the need, the need for… Aviators

Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun, helped popularize another iconic design: the Ray-Ban Aviators. Today, Aviator Sunglasses are still stylish and a definitive best-seller. They bring out masculinity and boldness in men and are very popular among women.

New York for intellectuals

When thinking of iconic fashion in film Woody Allen’s Annie Hall comes top of mind. Diane Keaton’s oversized menswear inspired look was quirky and inspirational. In some of the most memorable scenes taken from Allen’s masterpiece she’s seen sporting seventies women sunglasses.

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