4 Types of Sunglasses Accessorises Wholesale

June 20, 2019

Retailers should also invest on sunglasses accessories wholesale as they are now of equal demand as the sunglasses. You can find a number of wholesale accessories stored by wholesalers along with their eyewear as they increase their chances of increasing their sales. So what are types of sunglasses accessories that are sold by wholesale? Here are some of the common accessories you can buy with your eyewear.

  • Repair Kits – Repair kits are usually stocked in large numbers as they provide a number of benefits, such as saving time, money, and effort. These repair kits contain all the tools you need to fix small things in your sunglasses, allowing you to repair them as needed. Repair kits usually include some nose pieces, assorted nuts, assorted screws, and a handy tool. They are usually sold by dealers whose priority is the customers’ convenience.
  • Label – Another one of the important sunglasses accessories wholesale is the polarized sunglasses sign. It helps advertise and promote the retail unit as well as increases the sales of those particular sunglasses. These labels are usually sold per piece. Any customer who wishes to buy polarized sunglasses is encouraged to look out this sign. Those who usually purchase polarized sunglasses are those who are into fishing, snowboarding, and driving. Through labels, customers can make purchases appropriate to their needs.
  • Sunglass Cases – Probably one of the most in demand sunglasses accessories wholesale, sunglass cases keep your sunglasses safe and secure. Customers usually purchase a case along with sunglasses, making them happy that they can take care of their eyewear from the very first day. These cases are available in various sizes and colours and most of them are made of durable materials. If you are looking for sunglasses accessories wholesale, do not forget to include these cases in your collection.
  • Cleaning Clothes – Another very important accessory, cleaning clothes are required for maintaining sunglasses. They are specially made not to scratch the lenses when cleaning the sunglasses. Sold by dozen, some retailers offer them for free as a way to thank customers for buying their eyewear. Customers love free stuffs and are happy to get a cleaning material from the store.

There are many types of sunglasses accessories that you can sell wholesale. If you want to know more about these different accessories you can contact us by clicking here.

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