4 Retro Sunglasses Wholesale Styles

June 20, 2019

Clothing and accessories do not simply go out of style in the fashion industry. They are only reclassifies as vintage or retro. One good example is sunglasses. Finding the perfect pair from the retro sunglasses wholesale to complement your outfit can be a difficult task as there are a lot of sunglasses styles to choose from.

So what are the retro sunglasses wholesale styles that you can look into?

1. Aviators

Among the many styles that you can choose from retro sunglasses wholesale is the  Aviators. They may be the most recognizable style of sunglasses that has ever been designed. When the company was founded originally in 1927, it designed sunglasses for the US fighter pilots.

Over time, they became known as Aviators and became popular to people of all walks of life. They were commonly seen in television shows and movies on the characters of police officers. This type of retro sunglasses has large, circular lenses and thin frames.

2. Wayfarers

The Wayfarers are one of the most popular and also the oldest style of sunglasses currently marketed. The Wayfarer was designed in 1952 and was seen on films, worn by famous celebrities both off screen and on screen.

These retro sunglasses have enjoyed the highs and lows of popularity and was only revived in the 1980s and at the present time due to the retro fashion craze. Originally, they only came in black colors. However, ray Ban are now offering Wayfarers in various lenses and colours.

3. John Lennon Sunglasses

John Lennon Sunglasses, or tea-shades as what others call it, are sunglasses that were popular with the musicians and hippies in the 1960’s. These retro sunglasses are characterized by their large and circular lenses and their thin wire frames.

They were first popularized by musician John Lennon which also appeared in the face of famous celebrity Johnny Depp and in the film Natural Born Killers. At the present time, this type of sunglasses is enjoying popularity brought about by the recent swing towards retro fashion.

4. Robot Sunglasses

The 1980s were characterized by a number of unusual fashion trends. However, one of the strangest that has become quite popular is the Devo sunglasses, also known as Robot Sunglasses. Robot sunglasses have a unique style with one thin lens spanning the length of the face to cover the eyes.

They were popular in the 1980s and were featured in music videos and films. Recently, they have also experienced an increase in popularity and are commonly found in low-end eyewear shops.

So, what styles do you think are popular that you can sell them easily? Our website contains information to help you become a sunglasses wholesaler and importer. Visit us.

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