3 Types of Reading Glasses

June 20, 2019

Although not all people need reading glasses in their day to day activities, they can still benefit from the magnification degree these accessories bring when reading. Carried and worn when needed, put away when not, these eyewear come in various styles and are available for purchase in various retailers both online and offline. So, what are their 3 types and the best for your current situation?


These glasses combine two lenses in one. While the inner part does most of the magnifying, the outer magnifies less or more depending on what is necessary to correct your vision. Bifocal glasses come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. They are also available as sunglasses as many need them when driving.


Custom glasses can be ordered from an eyeglass shop to ensure buying the right reading glasses perfect for your vision, while stock glasses can be bought without prescription. These types of glasses have a magnification range of light to strong. If you are not sure which type you need, set up an appointment with your optometrist so he or she can write you a prescription of the level of magnification you need to correct your vision.

In some cases, each eye may require different correction needs – an instance not possible for stock glasses. In such cases, seek the help of an eye doctor in order to prevent further damage to your vision and side effects such as headaches.


Magnifying glasses come in various styles and colours. They can be bought in retail outlets and over the internet. Moreover, there are two types of magnifying reading glasses that magnify to provide clearer reading – small lens and full lens. While the small lens is made up of small lenses that sit by themselves or are surrounded by non-corrective materials to produce a full lens, the full lens magnifying glasses have their entire lens made of corrective materials to magnify the entire lens.

Reading glasses are important accessories that you should have, especially if you are having difficulty with reading small print outdoors. Since they are available in various types, you should choose the one that fits your needs and style.

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